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Youth Vaping Prevention: What Should You Know?



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Help Your Teen Achieve Peak Athletic Performance by Making Healthy Choices

  • Nicotine in one vaping pod is equivalent to the nicotine in one pack of cigarettes
  • Vaping marijuana or nicotine can cause respiratory problems and decrease aerobic capacity- it reduces athletic ability by interfering with lung function
  • Vaping causes shortness of breath 3 times more often than nonsmokers- nicotine narrows blood vessels and makes your heart work harder than it should
  • Nicotine increases your risk of developing osteoporosis- it reduces the blood supply to the bones and slows the production of bone-forming cells
  • Fractures take longer to heal due to the harmful effects of nicotine on bone-forming cells
  • Smokers are 1.5 times more likely to suffer overuse injuries
  • Nicotine signals the brain to eat less and can prevent the body from getting adequate nutrition
  • Ingredients in a vaping pod settle at the bottom of the lung impacting the total amount of oxygen your lungs can take in

*Adapted in part by: OrthoInfo, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons; JAMA Pediatrics.

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