Programs + Resources

Tips + Resources For Our Communities

We bring together adults who influence youth to provide tips and resources to individuals, organizations, businesses and others within our service area.

We have compiled several resources below or contact us for more information or to request a specific data. Visit our Monthly Tips page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updated information.

You can also access a list of national resources here.

Realtor/Home Buyer Resource

Funeral Home/Hospice Care Resource

2019 Alcohol Substance Use in Maine

2019 Marijuana Substance Use in Maine

2019 Prescription and Illicit Drug Substance Use in Maine

2019 Substance Use Among Young Adults (18-25) in Maine

2-1-1 Maine Text to Seek Local Substance Use Treatment


Addiction Resource Center

Anonymous Tip Line

Counselors – Local serving youth 

Fentanyl Safety Recommendations

Find Youth Info for Positive Youth Development 

LGBTQ Youth Resources

Mentoring – A Key Resource for Positive Youth Development

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids 

Reading list – books donated by Casco Bay CAN and available at your local library

Relationships First, Creating Connections that Help Young People Thrive

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services of Maine

Teen Drugged Driving: A Community Awareness Activity Toolkit 

Together We CAN! (VIDEO)