Keep Youth Safe This Summer!

Thank you ADAPT Essex County for this message! Please lock up your alcoholic beverages to prevent underage drinking and keep youth safe!

Why It’s Important to Talk to Your Students About Underage Drinking

Parents are the leading influence in a kids decision to drink or not to drink, yet they are not the only line of defense against underage drinking.

Teachers play a crucial role in guiding students in both their academic and social growth. Encouraging words from a teacher will boost confidence which can embolden youth to stand up for what they believe and be true leaders among their peers. Teachers, school counselors, and even school administrators encourage kids to excel in the classroom and should remind kids not to drink alcohol underage.

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Teachers are Parents’ Allies

Parents are the biggest influence on whether pre-teens and teens decide to drink alcohol but teachers are important allies. Parents can make the most of this by asking teachers to give them a head’s up if they notice anything. Read the article from Ask. Listen. Learn. here

Preventing Underage Drinking

SAMHSA’s Talk, They Hear You campaign provides adults and parents tips on how to prevent underage drinking, including:

  1. Be aware of social factors that may increase the risk of a child’s alcohol use
  2. Be a positive adult role model
  3. Work with schools, communities, and the government to protect children from underage alcohol use
  4. Support your children and give them space to grow

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Have Frequent Conversations With Youth About Underage Drinking

Short, frequent discussions can have a real impact on your child’s decisions about alcohol. Learn more about why it’s important to talk to your kids about underage drinking by visiting SAMHSA’s website:

How to Ensure Safe Summer Fun!

According to, summer is often a time for celebration. Today’s teens work so hard during the school year. It is natural to want to kick back, relax and hang out with friends. Pop-up parties and get togethers are far more common on these long summer days. With so much more information available about the ill affects of alcohol on underage brains parents have become more astute when allowing their teens to host parties or get togethers.

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New Research Finds Laws that Effectively Reduce Underage Drinking Fatalities

The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs reveals that nine laws designed to reduce underage drinking have been instrumental in saving more than 1,100 lives each year in the states that have adopted them, and that an additional 210 lives could be saved annually if they were adopted in every state. Read the CADCA article here.