How Anxiety Affects Teenagers

How is anxiety different in teenagers than younger children?
What are signs of anxiety in teens?
Why is substance use a problem for anxious teens?
Learn more from the Child Mind Institute here.

Thank You Casco Bay Region Teens!

Members of the community express their thanks to Casco Bay region teens, who are doing their part to keep their community safe and healthy. These times have been particularly difficult for kids as they haven’t been able to attend school, participate in events with their friends, or explore their world in new and exciting ways – all of the things that teens love. Casco Bay CAN Coalition members recognize how strong/resilient youth are and we thank them!

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy 2021!

Why Teens Push Away

From the Center for Parent and Teen Communication:

That teen who is subtly pushing you away or actively avoiding you isn’t rejecting you because it’s not about you at all. In fact, if you help them navigate this time period instead of tugging closer or pushing back, you’ll return to solid ground. This is what is really happening: Your teenage baby bird needs to believe that they don’t need you in order to gather the courage to leave the security of your nest and head into the unknown. Your teen needs a boost of courage. Point out moments that prove they have the ability to fly.


‘You Don’t Have to Have it All Figured Out’ – And Other Things I Want My Teen to Know

“The feeling of helplessness that can come from this can be overwhelming, but know that you don’t always need to have wisdom or soothing words. You just need to be there.”

Read the full article from Hey SIGMUND here.

3 Causes of Low Self-Esteem in Teens

Kristine Tye, MA, MFT and anxiety treatment expert writes about three of the main contributors to low self-esteem in teens, along with the things a parent can do to help with each challenge.

3 Main Contributors:

  1. Having Trouble Understanding Moods and Emotions
  2. Being Stuck in Negative Thought Patterns
  3. Experiencing Breakdowns in Communications

The full article provides tips for how parents can help address these contributors to low self-esteem


How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers

The Child Mind Institute indicates that experts reveal how youth are growing up with more anxiety and less self-esteem. Read the full article here

Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip: Experts recommend 8-10 hours of sleep for teenagers

Teens need to get enough sleep every night to function best. They are more likely to do well on a test or play their best game with sufficient sleep. Tips for getting enough sleep: Go to bed at a consistent hour every night, exercise regularly, avoid drinking caffeine and unwind by keeping the lights low and shut off electronics.


Eight Questions From Teens About Drugs and Alcohol

Every January, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) hosts a chat day for National Drug and Alcohol Facts WeekSM (NDAFW). This year, NIDA scientists answered more than 1,600 questions from teens and others about drug and alcohol use.  A link to the full chat transcript is on the NDAFW page.