5 Tips for Navigating the Stress and Anxiety in College

College is an exciting time for many young adults. It’s a time of newfound freedom, opportunity to expand one’s social network, develop new friendships, engage intellectually and consider one’s future career paths. However, it can be a challenging and stressful time for many. To read the tips please click the link to the full article below.



Strengthening Children and Teens Against Anxiety

Strengthening Children and Teens Against Anxiety

Anxiety is a very normal part of being human, but for as many as one in five children it can reach intrusive levels, interfering with family life, friendships, and school performance. This transformational session will provide parents and carers with the essential information and powerful, practical strategies to help their children and teens thrive through anxiety, whether it’s everyday levels of anxiety or more intrusive.

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Can Stress Influence Your Child’s Risk-Taking Ability?

Where does our stress response come from, and what actually happens to the brain when it’s under stress?

Watch this extended footage from our film BREAKING POINTS, featuring George Slavich, PhD, Director of the UCLA Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research, discussing the effects of stress on the brain and why some students turn to risky coping mechanisms — like abusing prescription stimulants — to alleviate it.