Poison Prevention

Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE at Seattle Children’s Hospital writes about what parents need to know about poison prevention:
1) Parents must teach their children what medicine is and that only you or a caregiver should give it to them. Although this is a safeguard, especially for older children, we have to remember that young children will always be led by their curiosity.
2) Never tell them that medicines (including vitamins) are candy, even if they don’t like to take it. Medicine is medicine — we can advertise it’s benefit but really can’t confuse or inflate it to that of candy. Our children inherently want to mimic our behaviors (at least while they are young! so we have to stay away from advertising meds as candy.
3) Set aside time this week to double-check that your medicines are stored safely up, away and out of sight of kids. When you check in on the medicines in your home, check in to make sure the dosing device is attached (even with a rubber band) to the medicine.
4) This isn’t just an important issue for when you are home but it matters when you are traveling, with medicines in your suitcase or purse, it matters when you stay with friends or families, especially Grandparents.