Tips from The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley for adults to help teens through this difficult time:

  1. Acknowledge their loss
  2. Name their feelings
  3. Teach them about grief
  4. Help them find meaning

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Video: Tips to Help Your Teen Celebrate Safely

The spring is a time for celebration with prom and graduation! In this new video, hear from local community members such as parents, coaches, principals and law enforcement about tips to help your teen celebrate safely.

How to Ensure Safe Summer Fun!

According to, summer is often a time for celebration. Today’s teens work so hard during the school year. It is natural to want to kick back, relax and hang out with friends. Pop-up parties and get togethers are far more common on these long summer days. With so much more information available about the ill affects of alcohol on underage brains parents have become more astute when allowing their teens to host parties or get togethers.

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Safe Graduation Tips!

Casco Bay CAN (Create Awareness Now) would like everyone to have a safe and fun graduation. This is special time to celebrate and below we have provided a few tips to make sure teens and young adults are safely celebrating.
• Talk to the parents of your teens’ friends to confirm plans for after graduation and exchange phone numbers
• Have your teen check in at different times
• Make sure that you know the address where your teen will be
• Let your teen know that colleges can take away what they have offered- Illegal behavior could lead to a loss in scholarship funds or acceptance to a college
• Consider hosting an after graduation party that is substance-free and ask other responsible adults to help host the party