Angst Screening in Community

Last week Casco Bay CAN and other area community Coalitions hosted a virtual screening of the documentary, Angst. The documentary is designed to raise awareness around anxiety. The film includes interviews with kids, teens, educators, experts, parents and a very special interview with Michael Phelps.
Shown below are students from RSU 5 and Freeport Middle School watching the film.

Yellow Tulip Project

Freeport Middle School is celebrating The Yellow Tulip Project:


When teenagers are struggling with emotional problems, they often turn to alcohol or drug use to help them manage painful or difficult feelings. In this they are not different from adults. But because adolescent brains are still developing, the results of teenage “self-medication” can be more immediately problematic.

In the short term, substance use can help alleviate unwanted mental health symptoms like hopelessness, anxiety, irritability and negative thoughts. But in the longer term it exacerbates them, and often ends in abuse or dependence. Substance use escalates from experimentation to a serious disorder much faster in adolescents than it does in adults, and that progression is more likely to happen in kids with mental health disorders than in other kids.”
Article in its entirety –…/mental-health-disorders-and-substa…/

Freeport Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Freeport Middle School is celebrating The Red Ribbon Campaign. They are raising awareness and providing education about vaping. Learn more how about you can talk with your kids about vaping here:

How To Talk With Your Kids About Vaping

Freeport Project Sticker Shock

Thank you to Freeport Middle School students, Phyllis Latham, Freeport Middle School Guidance Counselor, RSU 5 School Resource Officer Mike McManus, the Freeport Maine Police Department and our local businesses- Sam’s Italians Sam’s Italian Sandwich Shoppes and Bow Street Market in Freeport for a successful Project Sticker Shock.

Freeport Middle School and Red Ribbon Week

Freeport Middle School participated in The Red Ribbon Campaign with the theme, “Life is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free.” Phyllis Latham, Mike McManus from the Freeport Maine Police Department and FMS coordinated a number of activities including showing prevention education videos during advisory, Freeport High School (Maine) students speaking to middle school students, student created infomercials and an aerial photo (thank you David Clock! and Freeport Fire Rescue) of all students dressed in red shirts standing in the shape of a Red Ribbon out on the ball field.

Freeport Middle School Red Ribbon Week

Freeport Middle School celebrates Red Ribbon Week! Students wore red as a reminder that they are committed to staying healthy and drug free. They also made a bulletin board that emphasized how drugs affect a teen’s brain and School Resource Officer Mike McManus spoke to students during lunch.



Freeport Project Sticker Shock

Thank you to RSU 5 volunteers, RSU 5 School Resource Officer Mike McManus, Freeport Middle School Guidance Counselor Phyllis Latham and the local businesses that participated in Project Sticker Shock last Friday!


Red Ribbon and Freeport Middle School


Shown above from left to right: Aaron Stevens Grade 7, Ben Pushard Grade 6 and Andrew Miller Grade 6.

Freeport Middle School students participate in Red Ribbon activities. Red Ribbon is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign. Phyllis Latham, School Counselor, coordinates activities around Red Ribbon Week every year.