Casco Bay CAN Positive Ticket Program

The Cumberland Police Department writes, “Meet Daniel! Daniel was out with his (very proud) Mom for a bike ride, when he was spotted by Chief Rumsey. The Chief stopped to chat with Daniel and his Mom, and gave Daniel a Positive Ticket (with a gift certificate) for making healthy choices by going for a nice bike ride, wearing his helmet and observing safe riding habits! We’re out working to “catch kids doing right!” Have an amazing day.”

Thank you to the Cumberland Police Department and the Food Stop in Cumberland for supporting our Positive Ticket program!

Positive ticket with Chief Rumsey

Beth and Milton Cumberland2
Thank you Val Halla Golf Course for hosting our Senior Citizen Prescription Drug Safety event this morning! Cumberland Police Department Lieutenant Milton Calder and Casco Bay CAN Director Beth Blakeman-Pohl present information on how to track, lock and dispose of drugs properly at the Tea & Talk.