JAMA Pediatrics Finds Increase in Marijuana Exposures Among Colorado Children

According to CADCA, calls to Colorado poison control centers seeking help for unintentional marijuana exposure in children younger than age 10 jumped 150 percent since 2009, a new study in JAMA Pediatrics found.

In that same year, the state commercialized marijuana for medical use. Rates soared again in 2013 when the state legalized recreational marijuana.

Edible marijuana sending kids to ER in Colorado

Edible marijuana products including brownies, cookies and candy look like regular food and appeal to kids, read the full article here

Fortune Magazine- Is Pot Losing Its Buzz in Colorado?

A recent article in Fortune Magazine provides the impact Colorado has seen since marijuana legalization.

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Growing Number of Marijuana Shops in Denver Close to Schools

As legal marijuana has proliferated in Denver, city officials concerned about exposure to children long have tried to keep pot shops at least 1,000 feet from schools.

Yet more than two dozen schools in the city now are located closer than that to stores selling medical or recreational marijuana, according to a Denver Post analysis of city data. The Post identified 25 shops closer than 1,000 feet to at least one nearby school, out of 215 medical, recreational or dual shops. Reads the full article here.