5 Ways to Teach Appreciation

The Center for Parent and Teen Communication emphasizes how to Inspire Appreciation for teens, learn more about the 5 Ways to Teach Appreciation:
1) Recognize acts of kindness
2) Focus on positive ways people treat each other
3) Choose words and actions carefully
4) Treat strangers well
5) Value love and kindness over material goods

How to Raise Confident Teens

Learn from the Center for Parent and Teen Communication about the following teen confidence topics:

– What are the 7 C’s of Resilience?
– The Roots of Confidence
– Authentic Self-Esteem
– Focus on What’s Been Done Right
– Catch Them Being Good
– Set Reasonable Expectations

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Kindness and Why It’s Important

Your Kindness Creates Kindness
Learn from the Center for Parent & Teen Communication about how your children can learn kindness, how kindness improves health and why kindness is so contagious. Click here to learn more.

Parents are Asking: Do I Still Matter?

“Do I still matter?” That’s the question  facing many parents as their children head into their teen years. Spoiler alert — the answer is YES — parents do matter to their teenagers — perhaps more than ever!

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Stress Management Plan for Teens

Check out the Center for Parent and Teen Communication’s video series to help build a stress management plan for teens. Videos include:

1) Introduction to Stress Management Plan
2) Tackling Problems
3) Building Stronger Bodies
4) Managing Emotions
5) Making the World Better
6) Conclusion



It’s Okay If You Don’t Know Your Purpose

Want to bring relief to a stressed out teen? Let them know that it’s fine to not know their purpose in life. Teens become overwhelmed when they think they have to have everything figured out from the start, such as knowing their college major while they’re still in high school or their career plans on the first day of college. Slow down. Instead of rushing teens along, support and guide them as they figure out their next steps. Let them know their key strengths so they can use them as they plan and give them space to explore.

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