New Video! Communities Talk

Check out Casco Bay CAN’s new 1-minute video, “Communities Talk” featuring Freeport Middle School students and Coalition members. Learn how you can support youth to make healthy decisions about underage drinking prevention.

6 Ways to Prevent Teen Drinking

“Although alcohol use during the teen years is on a decline, it’s still a hot button issue. Alcohol is the most widely used substance during adolescence. By age 15 about 33 percent of teens have had at least 1 drink, and that number jumps up to 60 percent by age 18.”

1. Develop Stress Management Skills.
2. Monitor Friendships.
3. Create an Agreement.
4. Supervise Parties.
5. Teach Peer Pressure Skills.
6. Support Healthy Risk Taking.

To read the full article, including facts your teen should know about alcohol please click here.