Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip: Train your mind like you train your body. Visualize the outcome you want.

Clear your mind and visualize your goal, breathe and refocus. Do this often and your brain will recall your goal faster and in more detail.

What are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

What are synthetic cannabinoids? Have you ever heard your child refer to K2 or Spice? This video was created to share with younger students to exhibit the impact of synthetic cannabinoids.

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month: Teen Vaping Data

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. Learn more about youth vaping trends and why they say they choose to use. Data is from the The National Institute on Drug Abuse – NIDA.

Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip: Choose not to use marijuana as it impacts your health, safety and potential for academic and athletic success.

THC (the chemical in marijuana) builds up in the brain and affects the skill recall area of the brain and delays reaction time. Marijuana compromises judgment and affects many other skills necessary to be a proficient athlete. These skills include alertness, concentration, coordination and reaction time.

Facing Stigma: Creating Solutions

Facing Stigma: Creating Solutions
Sunday, October 25, 2020
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary, Falmouth, ME
An overview of Stigma and Small Group Discussions led and facilitated by Suzanne Fox, Executive Director, The Yellow Tulip Project. Learn more here.