Explore new data tool about Maine students

The Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MIYHS) website has a new interactive tool to browse and present data points. It features multiple years of MIYHS data on Maine middle school and high school students, including information related to drug and alcohol use.

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Adolescents and First Time Marijuana Use

According to a new University of Florida study published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, the likelihood adolescents will try marijuana rises steadily from age 11 to age 16, then decreases before hitting another peak at age 18.

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Maine university helping students get through college sober

The Bangor Daily News writes, “Starting in August, USM plans to open a space on campus aimed at helping students in recovery…”

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Teen Safe on the 4th of July

TeenSafe notes, “With school out of the summer and 4th of July weekend upon us, your teen is going to be looking to have a good time with friends. Yet, as we probably remember from our own teenage years, too much free time and the influence of friends can lead to some poor decision-making. So how can you ensure that your child is safe and responsible during their 4th of July celebrations? Here are a few preventative safety tips to go over with your teen”

July 2016 Tip of the Month

Youth are 50% less likely to use drugs and alcohol when their parents talk to them regularly about the risks.

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