Tips for Parents with Older Children at Home

  • Emphasize social distancing
  • Understand their frustration over not seeing their friends
  • Support remote schooling
  • Encourage healthy habits
  • Validate their disappointment
  • Help them practice mindfulness

Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the Coronavirus Crisis

June 2020 Tip of the Month

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. To all our veterans- thank you! Wishing everyone a safe and healthy day!

Apps to Help with Mental Health

The COVID-19 outbreak may be stressful for many of us, especially for our youth! Learn more about helpful mental health apps here.


The Importance of the Parent’s Role in Prevention

Learn why parents and adults are so important to help with drug and alcohol prevention in this video from FCD Prevention Works Youth don’t want to disappoint you, so it’s important to keep communication and conversations open.