Talking To Teens About Marijuana

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that Pediatricians should provide guidance to adolescents and their parents about what the evidence shows on marijuana use and safety, and the ramifications of marijuana use on teens’ health. Read more about this here.

Student Intervention and Reintegration Program (SIRP)

SIRP is an educational, risk-reduction program for high school aged youth who have had experiences with tobacco, alcohol or drugs, and who may not qualify for treatment. The primary goal of SIRP is to reduce or eliminate use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs and associated problems, such as absenteeism, car crashes, fights, risky sexual behaviors, and health problems. SIRP helps participants plan for and commit to changes in their behavior.

Learn more about the SIRP Program offered in our service area here

Praise Pointers for Parents and Teachers

The Search Institute writes, “The ways parents and teachers praise young people makes a lot of difference in whether that praise is encouraging and motivating. Effective praise helps develop a “growth mindset” in which young people recognize that they can learn and grow through effort and practice.” Please click here to see chart spells out six tips for praise that encourage youth to develop a growth mindset.

The Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program

The Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program teaches teens the signs of an abusive relationship, be it verbal, emotional or physical. They also teach what a healthy relationship looks like.

They have advice for kids and parents. They generally teach using interactive lessons and skits.

Quiz. Prevent Alcohol and Tobacco Use.

Take this 15-question quiz to examine the ways you address alcohol and tobacco use in your family, including how you talk about it and whether others are positive influences in preventing underage alcohol and tobacco use.

If you have more than one child, think about one of them while you’re taking the quiz. You might then repeat it for your other child or children.