Advice from a Casco Bay Region Teen

Giving Stressed Kids a Soft Place to Fall

What can parents do to help their children cope with the “almost normal” of life in 2022? See the three tips below and check out the full article from @InformedFamily

Reach out – Guide, don’t overpower – Be a refuge


School Resource Officer Appreciation Day

Casco Bay CAN is so grateful for Officer/ RSU 5 School Resource Officer Mike McManus! He is instrumental in keeping our community safe and healthy and has truly made a large impact in his commitment to Casco Bay CAN. We appreciate you, Officer McManus!





Talk Early, Talk Often and Keep Talking

Talk Early, Talk Often and Keep Talking: Parents are the #1 influence in a child’s life. It’s not too early to talk with your child to prevent youth substance use.
When to Talk:
In a car, you have a captive audience to provide short bits of information. When watching TV, address any illegal drug or alcohol use shown. During mealtimes, take time to speak with your child – research shows that children who have dinner with their families are less likely to drink alcohol or use illegal drugs.
What to say:
– Preschool: “Vitamins are to keep us healthy, but only take what I give you.”
– Elementary School: “You should only take medicines that your doctor chooses for you – it’s dangerous to take someone else’s medicine and it could make you sick.”
– Middle School: “Alcohol and drugs can damage your brain and may stop you from being your best in school and in sports.

How Anxiety Affects Teenagers

How is anxiety different in teenagers than younger children?
What are signs of anxiety in teens?
Why is substance use a problem for anxious teens?
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