Advice to Incoming Students from Casco Bay Region Upperclassmen

Students have told us over and over that they were anxious about their transition to high school. Rising freshmen asked how they can get through high school without succumbing to peer pressure, how to manage stress, how to navigate bullying, etc.

Stories students can relate to provide the most impact, so we partnered with the Telling Room and area students to write a guidebook of experiences with tips from upperclassmen: The Moment the Bell Rings: Advice to Incoming Students from Casco Bay Region Upperclassmen. In this book, 19 student writers from area high schools share their triumphs, tribulations, lessons, and learnings – from the advantages of joining a sports team to the challenges of balancing work, play, and school. There is loss, frustration, perseverance, personal connection, and lots of encouragement. Area high schools have partnered with Casco Bay CAN to distribute the book to incoming freshmen.

As a parent, you have a profound impact on your teen’s decisions, including those around stress and substance use. That’s why we share this book with parents, as well as students, to use as a tool to begin discussions with your teen about the challenges of transitioning to high school. Listed below are several talking points to engage your teen, as well as the topics covered in specific stories.

Parents have found this a great resource and we hope you will find it helpful too!

Check it out here:



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