Dr. Matt Bellace Presentation

In collaboration with New England Prevention Technology Transfer Center, Casco Bay CAN hosted national speaker, Dr. Matt Bellace. Dr. Bellace focused his training on communicating effectively with teenagers about sensitive topics such as substance use and mental health during his Using Endorphins Wisely: The Science Behind Laughing, Meditating, Reducing Stress and Managing Your Emotions. He further provided insight into best-practice for empowering youth to find their “natural highs” such as theater, yoga, journaling, skiing, etc. in lieu of using alcohol or drugs.

The event was held outside in the tent at Pineland Farms and followed all CDC guidelines. Coalition members and others working in youth substance use prevention attended. We had 8 of our coalition members attend – a total of 22 attendees overall.

Video Shorts to Help Kids Control Anxiety

The Child Mind Institute launched a series of short videos to explore tools children can use to control their anxiety rather than letting it control them. Check them out here!
Nixie and Nimbo

Co-Parenting in a Pandemic

Lynn Lyons, Psychotherapist, Anxiety and Children most recent podcast episode highlights tips for co-parenting in a pandemic. Children feel our stress, so let’s help and support our kids the best way we can!

Co-Parenting In A Pandemic: How to Find a Better Balance



Tips for Transition to College

Are your children preparing for college in the fall? Learn how to help them during this transition time!

Video: Parenting During Quarantine

Hear from Dr. John Duffy about parenting during quarantine! He discusses and answers questions about kids going to college, children missing their friends, increasing technology time, anxiety and more!


Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone has a safe and health holiday weekend! Happy 4th of July!