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Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: The holidays can be even more challenging for families struggling with their child’s substance use. Starting today we’re offering adjusted hours through January 1 to connect you with the help and guidance you need. Find out how to contact us here:

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Please be safe and have a designated driver during this season of celebrations!

Out-of-the-Box Family Traditions

Celebrate the Holidays This Year With These Out-of-the-Box Family Traditions


These creative ideas can help you give back, deepen your connections, and celebrate together.


New Discovery on the Brain’s Reward Pathway

“Substance use disorders are related to dysfunction in the brain’s motivational and reward processes, so understanding how the brain’s reward system works is key to finding new therapies.” Click here to read the full article from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

New high-resolution, non-invasive imaging techniques produce detailed diagrams of neural tracts, enabling new analyses of how
brain regions are connected. Credit: Washington University – University of Minnesota Human Connectome Project consortium

Life of a Student Athlete: Tips of the Week

Tip 1: Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.

Every time you fail, you move one step closer to succeeding. Embrace failure as part of success and get going. Perseverance will help to overcome challenges; it is easy to become overwhelmed so take it one step at a time

Tip 2: Just one night of binge drinking will erase 2 weeks of practice.

Binge drinking can be defined as consuming five drinks for males and four drinks for females in about two hours. You may show up to practice but you will not see any gains for two weeks. It will also take 96 hours to re-balance hormones and you will see an 11% decrease in your performance.

Falmouth Project Sticker Shock

Students from Falmouth High School (Maine) collaborated with the Falmouth Maine Police Department and Casco Bay CAN to visit local businesses Walmart Falmouth and promote Project Sticker Shock, a national and state-wide program.

The students volunteered to be a part of the project and bring awareness to the ramifications of purchasing alcohol for underage individuals. High school students placed stickers on alcohol packs that highlight Maine laws about providing or purchasing alcohol for a minor.

Shown below from left to right: Jack Crowder, Sgt. Kevin Conger, Matthew Conger, George Smyth (Walmart), and John Peelen

6 Ways to Prevent Teen Drinking

“Although alcohol use during the teen years is on a decline, it’s still a hot button issue. Alcohol is the most widely used substance during adolescence. By age 15 about 33 percent of teens have had at least 1 drink, and that number jumps up to 60 percent by age 18.”

1. Develop Stress Management Skills.
2. Monitor Friendships.
3. Create an Agreement.
4. Supervise Parties.
5. Teach Peer Pressure Skills.
6. Support Healthy Risk Taking.

To read the full article, including facts your teen should know about alcohol please click here.

Freeport Project Sticker Shock

Thank you to Freeport Middle School students, Phyllis Latham, Freeport Middle School Guidance Counselor, RSU 5 School Resource Officer Mike McManus, the Freeport Maine Police Department (Chief Susan Nourse shown below) and our local businesses- including Bow Street Market (shown below) in Freeport for a successful Project Sticker Shock.