Yellow Tulip Project

Freeport Middle School is celebrating The Yellow Tulip Project:


When teenagers are struggling with emotional problems, they often turn to alcohol or drug use to help them manage painful or difficult feelings. In this they are not different from adults. But because adolescent brains are still developing, the results of teenage “self-medication” can be more immediately problematic.

In the short term, substance use can help alleviate unwanted mental health symptoms like hopelessness, anxiety, irritability and negative thoughts. But in the longer term it exacerbates them, and often ends in abuse or dependence. Substance use escalates from experimentation to a serious disorder much faster in adolescents than it does in adults, and that progression is more likely to happen in kids with mental health disorders than in other kids.”
Article in its entirety –…/mental-health-disorders-and-substa…/

Freeport Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Freeport Middle School is celebrating The Red Ribbon Campaign. They are raising awareness and providing education about vaping. Learn more how about you can talk with your kids about vaping here:

How To Talk With Your Kids About Vaping

Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip: During playoff season it is the healthy teams that have a better chance for success

Be a leader and make your own choices. Set an example to your peers and choose to surround yourself with those making healthy choices. Show your leadership by choosing not to use drugs or alcohol.

Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse

To prevent prescription drug misuse, please visit your local law enforcement agency this Saturday, October 26th for National Prescription Drug Take Back Day to drop off your unused or expired and over the counter medications (including pet medications).


Learn. Store. Dispose from Allied Against Opioid Abuse on Vimeo.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Visit your local law enforcement agency on Saturday, October 26th for National Prescription Drug Take Back Day to drop off your unused or expired and over the counter medications (including pet medications) Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Cumberland, Maine Police Department Falmouth Maine Police Department Freeport Maine Police Department Yarmouth, Maine Police Department.



Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Celebrate safely during the end of the fall sports season

Make healthy choices and stay alcohol and drug-free to celebrate the end of your sports season. Plan a dinner out with friends and family, host a game or movie night or take an overnight trip to somewhere new. Take time to reflect on the season and prepare for your next sport or enjoy the off-season.

Mindfulness Summit

The Awake Network and have partnered to create a FREE online event – the Mindful Education Summit – to serve as a resource for teachers, parents, administrators, therapists, and anyone interested in bringing mindfulness to children and youth.

This free event features 25+ of the leading neuroscience researchers, mindfulness experts, and dedicated educators who are making a difference in their communities – including Peace in Schools Founder Caverly Morgan! You will learn the cutting edge research on mindfulness for children, youth, and adults, discover the best practices and most common pitfalls to avoid when bringing mindfulness into the classroom, hear case studies and interviews with the educators and administrators who are bringing mindfulness into schools across the US, and gain resources to create presence in your own life and teach the next generation.

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Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse among High School Student-Athletes

“What is prescription pain reliever misuse? As defined by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, it’s “use without a prescription of one’s own or use at a higher dosage or more often than prescribed.

Unfortunately, high school student-athletes can be especially vulnerable to prescription painkiller misuse. The pain relief, an eagerness to return to the field after injury, and the belief that such medication is “safe” because they’re prescribed by a doctor, are just a few reasons why.

Here are five tips – along with online resources – for parents and educators to help keep your student-athlete from misusing painkillers.”

Click here to read the tips and see the online resources.


Mady West: Senior Spotlight

Congratulations to Mady West on her Varsity Spotlight! We are very proud to say that Mady volunteers with our Coalition and is also a founding member of PATS, a student association at Gray-New Gloucester High School which stands for, “Promoting Awareness of Substance Misuse Through Students”.

View the article by clicking here.