Helping Your Child Become More Aware Strengths

From the VIA Institute on Character, “Research shows that character strengths can help children succeed at school and in life. This video provides an easy, 4-step approach to helping your child become more aware of their strengths and also encouraging them to use their strengths more frequently. Learn how you can link their well-doing with their well-being in this fun video.”



Talk Early, Talk Often and Keep Talking

Parents are the #1 influence in a child’s life. It’s not too early to talk with your child to prevent youth substance use.
When to Talk:
– In a car, you have a captive audience to provide short bits of information.
– When watching TV, address any illegal drug or alcohol use shown.
– During mealtimes, take time to speak with your child – research shows that children who have dinner with their families are less likely to drink alcohol or use illegal drugs.
What to Say:
– Preschool: “Vitamins are to keep us healthy, but only take what I give you.”
– Elementary School: “You should only take medicines that your doctor chooses for you – it’s dangerous to take someone else’s medicine and it could make you sick.”
– Middle School: “Alcohol and drugs can damage your brain and may stop you from being your best in school and in sports.

Freeport Community Day

Today is Community Day in Freeport! Head over to Freeport Community Services to enjoy the activities!

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How Parents Can Help Middle Schoolers Build Confidence and Character

Learn more about how adults can help middle school youth build confidence and character. These topics are discussed in the article from MindShift:

– The Magic of Middle School

– Strengthening the Parent-Child Connection

– Keep the Lines of Communication Open

– An Attitude of Curiosity

– Coach Through the Interference

Maine Liquor Laws and Hosting Parties

Summer is a time for enjoying friends and family while hosting parties- learn about the Maine’s liquor laws before you host!

5 Tips for Navigating the Stress and Anxiety in College

College is an exciting time for many young adults. It’s a time of newfound freedom, opportunity to expand one’s social network, develop new friendships, engage intellectually and consider one’s future career paths. However, it can be a challenging and stressful time for many. To read the tips please click the link to the full article below.


“There’s a lot of stigma and misunderstanding with substance use disorders, treatment and recovery. But you should never let social judgment stand in the way of getting your child the help he or she needs and deserves. Here are nine facts to know so you can be better prepared to help your child.”

9 Facts About Addiction People Usually Get Wrong