What Do Teens’ Emotions Feel Like?

From the Greater Good Magazine- If you have any teenagers in your life, you’ve probably been witness to the emotional roller coaster that is adolescence. You may have a hard time keeping up with all their ups and downs, with emotions shifting from extreme elation one minute to utter despair the next. But why is teen emotional life so rocky, and how is it different from our emotional experience at other ages?

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The Important Skill of Self-Advocacy

From The Mentoring Partnership:

This is a skill that we can inspire in youth as early as kindergarten. It starts with asking a child to role-play their feelings by asking open-ended questions. Once you teach young people how to feel comfortable advocating for themselves, it becomes a gift that will help them learn independence.

5 Tips for Building Self-Advocacy Skills with Young Children

  • Have kids order for themselves at restaurants.
  • Have kids make eye contact when talking to adults they know outside the family.
  • If a problem arises that can be solved via email, have a young child dictate an email to you. Type it in their words.
  • Help the child think through a problem by asking open-ended questions such as: What do you want to happen? What do you think you’ll do first? What do you think he’ll say?
  • Role play the negotiation with your child before they make their official attempt.

What Parents Need to Know About College and Binge Drinking

The feeling of sending a grown child off to college for the first time can be described as a strange mixture of pride, relief and severe anxiety. What do parents need to know as their adult child takes this big step?

The first piece of good news is that your voice matters. Your child might not tell you, but when researchers have asked them about your influence, they find that parent attitudes and the rules you put in place during their development are major influences on their risk-taking behavior.

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  • What is binge drinking?
  • Why do kids binge drink?
  • How do I talk about binge drinking with my son or daughter?

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