Moms of Teens Can Benefit From Social Support

New research indicates that social support isn’t just valuable for mothers of young children, it’s beneficial for moms of teens, too.

The study, published this spring in the journal Family Process, suggests that these support networks may help mothers develop closer relationships with their teens.

9 Facts About Addiction People Usually Get Wrong

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids published this helpful resource. Learn more below!

Location Change for Lynn Lyons Anxiety Presentation

Due to high popularity we have moved the Lynn Lyons presentation from the Frank Harrison Middle School to the Yarmouth Performing Arts Center at Yarmouth High School. The address is 286 West Elm Street in Yarmouth.

21 Parenting Books About Raising a Mighty Girl

A Mighty Girl has published a list of books to help provide resources for the parents who want to know how to tackle issues specific to girls, whether they’re toddlers or teens. Please check out their full book list here.

Why It’s Important to Talk to Your Students About Underage Drinking

Parents are the leading influence in a kids decision to drink or not to drink, yet they are not the only line of defense against underage drinking.

Teachers play a crucial role in guiding students in both their academic and social growth. Encouraging words from a teacher will boost confidence which can embolden youth to stand up for what they believe and be true leaders among their peers. Teachers, school counselors, and even school administrators encourage kids to excel in the classroom and should remind kids not to drink alcohol underage.

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Positive Tickets

Thank you to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office for encouraging youth to make healthy choices! WMTW Channel 8 Maine featured a news story on Casco Bay CAN’s Positive Ticket program, view the story here!