Summer Bucket List for Kids

Have fun this summer with your kids!

The 10 Things That Should Be On Your Kid’s Summer Bucket List in 2017

  1. Run through sprinklers
  2. Eat too much ice cream
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Play with sparklers (responsibly)
  5. Make wishes on dandelions
  6. Read a good book (or five)
  7. Blow bubbles
  8. Camp in the backyard
  9. Roast marshmallows
  10. Eat watermelon slices that look like smiles

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Operation Dry Water- 6/30-7/2

During the annual Operation Dry Water, there will be heightened awareness and enforcement. Law enforcement officers will be on heightened alert for those violating boating under the influence laws. Please be safe when out boating, especially during this three-day holiday weekend!


Why You Shouldn’t Use the Word “Addict”

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids writes, “It’s important that we use language that frames it as a health issue and shows respect to people with an addiction and to their families who are impacted. Just like we would with any other disease, like diabetes or asthma.”

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Library Books for Summer Reading!

Casco Bay CAN has donated 19 books to our service area libraries: Falmouth Memorial Library, Freeport Community Library, Gray Public Library, New Gloucester Public Library, Merrill Memorial Library in Yarmouth and Prince Memorial Library in Cumberland. You can also view them here

Six Ways Parents Can Stay Connected With Their Teen Sons

  1. Focus on loving, high-yield interactions
  2. Tackle stereotypes about masculinity
  3. Show interest in his life
  4. Ask questions and then be patient
  5. Choose the time, place to connect
  6. Initiative the awkward talks

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Maine Boys to Men

Learn more about the Maine Boys to Men program! It helps boys reach their potential to become emotionally healthy, respectful and non-violent men.

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Marijuana Use During and After Pregnancy

The Spokane Regional Health District out of Washington, has developed and launched a campaign that educates families and caregivers about harms associated with marijuana use while pregnant, breastfeeding, or caring for children.

Marijuana use before pregnancy could:
-Cause a baby to be born before his or her body and brain are ready. This could mean serious health problems at birth and throughout life.
-Change how a baby’s brain develops. These changes may cause life-long behavior problems like trouble paying attention or following rules.
-Lower a child’s IQ, cause problems with learning and memory, and make it harder for them to do well in school.

Marijuana use during breastfeeding is associated with these risks:
-Feeding problems, as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, can lower milk supply.
-Increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome

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