Portland Press Herald- Lost: Heroin’s Killer Grip on Maine’s People

A 10-part series exploring the heroin scourge in Maine and the horrific cost. The heroin crisis has torn through Maine families regardless of income, religion or ethnicity. The 60 overdose victims below were among 650 people who died from opioids in the past two years. Their families agreed to tell their stories.

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Educational, Risk-Reduction Program April 29 and 30

Have a child or know a student or youth that experiences with tobacco, alcohol or drugs, and who may not qualify for treatment? Casco Bay CAN provides a Student Intervention and Reintegration ProgramĀ  which is an educational, risk-reduction program for high school aged youth.

Learn more here: SIRP Program Overview Casco Bay CAN

Your Child is not Your Confidant

The Washington Post shared an article that cites, “According to psychologists, continuously confiding in your child can be damaging to their long-term emotional well-being.”

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Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

Keep your kids safe and ensure you know about prescription drug safety!

Parenting Tip for Talking to Your Child About Alcohol

Anne Parris, Mom of millennial children, shares her tools for fending off peer pressure to drink:

  1. Acknowledge that it’s just not as easy to say no.
  2. Know the reasons why drinking is not right for their lives.
  3. Maintain strong channels of communication.
  4. Use the power of positive peer pressure.

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Tips for Parents Forum

Thank you to Scott Gagnon, Director for AdCare Educational Institute of Maine, Inc. and to Nikki Wetherell, Outpatient Clinician for DayOne, who provided a presentation for parents at Yarmouth High School last Thursday.