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Who We Are

Casco Bay Create Awareness Now (CAN) Coalition is a group of local individuals, schools, law enforcement agencies, organizations, and businesses who work together to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse in Cumberland, Falmouth, Freeport, North Yarmouth, Pownal and Yarmouth.

Mission: Mobilize citizen involvement and multi-sector collaboration to foster a healthy community environment with norms, policies, and practices that work together to promote positive, drug and alcohol-free development for all Casco Bay youth.

Coalition members secured $125,000 annually in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to implement a Drug-Free Communities program to directly impact the communities served for the next five years. The project is sponsored by the Cumberland County Government. Coalition members are leaders in various sectors of the communities it serves including but not limited to: businesses, media, schools, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement, parents, youth, religious or fraternal organizations, civic or volunteer groups, healthcare professionals, state or local government, and other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse.

Together, we CAN prevent youth substance abuse.

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Beth Blakeman-Pohl
Drug-Free Communities Program Director
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Kaleigh Sloan
Drug-Free Communities Project Coordinator
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Steering Committee Members
A.J. Nowell
Abby Latham
Alexis Rog
Andrea Connor
Ann-Marie Davee
Beth Andrews
Chanda Sinclair
Christine Thibeault
Darryn Duschane
David Clock
Dean Perry
Eric McKeone
Erica Sarapas
Evan Kumagae
Jill Frame
Joe Schnupp
John Kilbride

Kate Dalton
Laura Mike
Lisa Sturtevant
Marnie Dean
MaryBeth Bachman
Matt Stetson
Michelle Murley
Mike McManus
Milton Calder
Nina Pooley
Peter Scott
Phyllis Latham
Rachel Farley
Rick Simard
Robin Haley
Tiffany McPhetres