From the Center for Motivation and Change: We all know that substance use disorders can exact a terrible emotional and physical toll on the person struggling. A person overusing substances can suffer lower quality of life, impaired functioning at work, school and in family roles, and financial, legal and health problems. What you may not realize is that a significant part of this pain is attributable to stigma, as people with substance problems are labeled all sorts of negative things (“liars,” “losers,” “junkies,” “addicts”) and are often judged to be immoral, full of character defects and somehow carelessly and even willfully deciding to use substances instead of prioritizing more valued things in life like relationships and productivity.

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Thank you Dr. Gold!

Thank you to Dr. Mark Gold for providing a training and presentation to our community. Dr. Gold is a world renowned expert on substance use disorder diseases and has worked for over 40 years to develop models for understanding the effects of substances on the brain and behavior.
Thank you also to AdCare Educational Institute of Maine and Yarmouth High School for helping to host these events!
Shown below: Dr. Gold and Casco Bay CAN Coalition member Peter Scott

Harm Reduction?

Recent studies show parents who supply alcohol to their adolescent children increase the likelihood of substance use disorder and other harms.

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Substance Use During Adolescence

The U.S. Surgeon General states, “The science is clear. We know that there is a neurobiological basis for substance use disorders. To end the addiction crisis we must change attitudes and begin treating addiction like the chronic illness it is. And we’ve done it before. Cancer and HIV used to be surrounded by fear and judgement. Today, they are regarded as medical conditions.


Awareness is Key

20.8 million Americans reported a substance use disorder in 2015. Get the facts: