What is overparenting?

A clip from Breaking Points, 30-minute documentary intended for adults that explores the stress and pressures our teens face every day, as well as the unhealthy ways that many of them cope, including misusing prescription drugs.

Can Stress Influence Your Child’s Risk-Taking Ability?

Where does our stress response come from, and what actually happens to the brain when it’s under stress?

Watch this extended footage from our film BREAKING POINTS, featuring George Slavich, PhD, Director of the UCLA Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research, discussing the effects of stress on the brain and why some students turn to risky coping mechanisms — like abusing prescription stimulants — to alleviate it.

Teen Stress and Pressure

It’s back-to-school time! WATCH the trailer for BREAKING POINTS, our film exploring teen stress and pressure.

Breaking Points Documentary

This short-film documentary will explore the incredible stress and pressure that teens face today, and the sometimes unhealthy ways they cope with that stress. To learn more about how to view the full 30 minute documentary, click here.