Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip: It is difficult to reach peak performance and learn new information if under the influence of marijuana.

The effects of marijuana can remain in the body for up to several days and may negatively impact attention, motivation, memory and learning. It can also compromise judgment and affect many other skills necessary to be successful in sports.

High School Students Take Course Related to Transitions

The QUESTion Project is a semester-long credit-bearing course, in which students address their most important questions about life and humanity that are at the core of a successful education. The program supports high school students in the transition to adulthood, helps them taking responsibility for their own lives and promoting openness and self-confidence and developing the skills needed for the 21st century.

Students who participate in The QUESTion Project build strength and authentic identity, to guide them in the pursuit of higher education, a life of meaning & purpose, and a future career. By inspiring students with a sense of possibilities and by empowering them to reflect on the meaning of their lives, the QUESTion Project empowers them to become inspired leaders of the future, able to respond creatively to the challenges of a global, interconnected world with vision and purpose

A Program of Open Future Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization — Visit:

The Benefits of Helping Teens Identify Their Purpose in Life

Article from Mind/Shift How we will learn. states, “While definitions vary a bit from study to study, researchers have linked a sense of purpose to lower levels of adolescent depression, less binge drinking and drug abuse, healthier habits such as exercising, and a greater commitment to schoolwork. Adults with a sense of purpose report greater satisfaction with life.”

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Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip: Never increase your exercise intensity or the amount of weight lifted by a factor of 10% every 2 weeks

Be smart to avoid injury when training for your sport. Gradual increases in exercise intensity and amount of weight lifted will provide the best results. Progression is the key to the success of your workout.


How Awe Can Help Students Develop Purpose

Students who carry this sense of purpose into adulthood may also benefit in the long run. Research shows that adults who feel their lives have meaning and purpose are happier, more successful at work, and have stronger relationships.

To read the full article from Greater Good Magazine, Science-Based Insights for a Meaningful Life, please click here.

Why We Should Embrace Mistakes in School

Helping students respond to perceived failure:
1) Adjust the learning context: “Let’s try this another way”
2) Encourage persistence: “Keep trying, Don’t give up!”
3) Model self-compassion: “Be kind to yourself when you’re confused; it’s okay.”
4) Build positive relationships with students: “I see your strengths, and I believe in you.”
5) Focus on resilience: “Even though this is tough, you will find your way.”

To read the full article from the Greater Good Magazine, Science-Based Insights for A Meaningful Life click here