10 Summer Movies to Broaden Kids’ Perspectives

From Common Sense Media: As the school year winds down, consider sending kids off with a few movie recommendations to get them thinking and reflecting this summer. The selections here can help students see the world from new perspectives, giving them an introduction to people, cultures, events, and beliefs that may be new to them. And though movies aren’t always 100 percent historically or scientifically accurate, they can still be a great starting point for rich conversations.

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He Started Vaping As A Teen And Now Says Habit Is ‘Impossible To Let Go’

Julien Lavandier, a Colorado State University student, started smoking e-cigarettes as a high school sophomore. He says he’s now hooked on JUUL and has been unable to quit. Dr. Deborah Liptzin, a pediatric pulmonologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado, sees e-cigarettes as the “new way to get kids addicted to nicotine.” She worries there’s been little research on health risks.

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Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip: Prep for the game: eat well, sleep plenty and think positively.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before a game. When you wake up, eat food high in protein and carbohydrates. Remember, water and drinks high in electrolytes will help sustain your energy for the duration of the game. During the time before the game, try to use as little energy as possible and think about the best outcomes regardless of how tough your opponent may be.


Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip: Set goals for what you want to achieve in school and in your sport.

Make an action plan for how you will accomplish your goals. Keep meals healthy, drink enough water and electrolytes, get enough sleep at night and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Constantly keep goals in sight as part of your successful finish line.


Successful Project Sticker Shock in Freeport

Thank you to students from Freeport High School (Maine), Mike McManus, School Resource Officer from the Freeport Maine Police Department, Matthew Greear, Health Teacher and our local businesses- Shaw’s Supermarket and Bow Street Market for a successful Project Sticker Shock.

Sticker Shock is a project that brings community members, youth, law enforcement and local businesses together to raise awareness about the risks of providing alcohol to minors. The students place bright orange stickers on alcohol containers which emphasize the state law for providing alcohol to minors. The goal is to keep youth safe by reaching adults and reminding them they play a vital role by not purchasing alcohol for minors


Thank you to Cumberland and Yarmouth Police Departments

Thank you to Lt. David Young from the Cumberland Police Department & Sgt. Dan Gallant from the Yarmouth Police Department for presenting to Casco Bay CAN Coalition members about the information they gleaned at the National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin and Marijuana Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

How to Talk To Your Kids About Alcohol

A great article from NBC News about how to talk to your kids about alcohol. Here are some highlights:

  • Start the conversation early (and have it often)- Start when they’re young
  • Little kids will ask questions — don’t shut them down and have answers ready
  • Be open about your drinking habits- Same goes with any Rx pills
  • Role play worst-case scenarios with your kids with other adults
  • Role play drinking situations with your kids, too
  • Tell stories about how you dealt with drinking as a teen — even if they’re embarrassing
  • Develop a support system you can tap into at moment’s notice

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