Thank you Faith Leaders!

Thank you to our faith leaders and community trainer, Michael Sandberg, from the Maine Resilience Building Network who attended our 7th Annual Faith Leaders Connecting for Substance-Free Forum. This year’s training was, “The Role of Life Experiences in Raising Healthy & Thriving Children & Communities”.

Life of a Student Athlete Tip of the Week

Life of a Student Athlete Tip of the Week: Develop healthy habits early in life.

As a teenager it’s important to start healthy habits now that will keep you healthy later in life. Eat lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and some complex carbohydrates. For proper hydration, drink six to eight 12-ouce glasses of water a day. Exercise three to five days a week and be sure to get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Choose to be drug and alcohol-free.

Life of a Student Athlete: Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Prep for the game: eat well, sleep plenty and think positively.

It is important not to stay up late the night before a game and not to sleep in either. When you wake up eat food high in protein and carbohydrates such as eggs and a bagel with peanut butter and depending on what time your game is, eat a good lunch as well. Remember, water and drinks high in electrolytes will help sustain your energy for the duration of the game. During the time before the game, try to use as little energy as possible and think about the best outcomes regardless of how tough your opponent may be.