Fear of Missing Out and Teen Stress

What is FOMO and how might it be causing stress in your teens life? What can adults do to help teens with FOMO?

“Teens text, tweet, snap, and post all the time. In fact, about half of teens use social media every day, and for some, this means checking Instagram or Snapchat dozens (or hundreds!) of times a day. While many teens find connecting with friends online a positive experience, some just feel stressed out. This social media-specific anxiety has a name: FOMO, also known as “fear of missing out.” this can lead to poor sleep quality, anxiety, and even depression.”

Practical Tips for Easing Kids' Social Media Anxiety

How adults can help stressed youth:
1) Listen
2) Don’t judge
3) Encourage their offline lives
4) Set limits
5) Shift the focus
6) Ask open-ended questions

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