Seven Ways Your Teen Can De-Stress

We will be posting a series over the next week from Get Smart About Drugs about Ways Your Teen Can De-Stress

The school year can be a really stressful time for teens. Whether they’re getting adjusted to a new school or trying to balance academics with extracurricular activities, the pressure can become overwhelming. Unfortunately, many times young people turn to unhealthy ways to deal with stress— like abusing stimulants and other drugs. In addition, according to a recent article, stress damages the brain, causing your teen to be more vulnerable to drug addiction. Take a look at these seven healthy, drug-free ways your teen can de-stress.

#5 Help Them Scale It Back
Teens often “overbook” themselves – sign up for a bunch of after school activities, sports, get part-time jobs, hand out with their friends  every day- for many reasons. Whether it’s because of a fear of missing out (FOMO), a desire to pad their college applications, or even peer pressure, being too busy isn’t healthy and often leads to stress. Help your teen to cut down their activity list to only include the things that are most important or enjoyable to them.

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